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Jobs in Navy Information Technology involve a high level of responsibility and maturity in dealing with highly technical systems and classified information. An aviation ordnanceman reinstalls an M-61A1 20-mm Gatling gun in the gun bay of an F/A-18C Hornet aircraft in 2008. Worked in a timely manner to prepared, cooked, bagged, and served food. AT—Aviation Electronics Technicians repair and maintain navigation, infrared detection, radar, and other complex electronics systems. %PDF-1.5 Monitor the terms of the subcontract including progress, plans, invoices and payments. /EvoPdf_mgcbgallboohkgmopiccopocdmbcdemk 17 0 R Maintained drive-thru orders and unloaded deliveries. Advanced technical training may be … Ÿ��v���Н�� ��隆-Dک�y�ܺt ���\��s ��=��ׁ����1�9�h���`����c��3����kUߙ�8�C��:d�})�41�k+��8 c9Q�L��u��Y6�(��x�R�J~�1s�V�]�@̛��X���z��p^J�M���� Z���i���c1�"����8 �vM�6��F; /Pages 2 0 R Do what sounds interesting, not what sounds like it will get you a job. Great job security with plenty of benefits for the average patriot willing to put up with a few obstacles here and there. Maintain and update company databases. << A capstone project in which you will apply the techniques and skills you study in your courses in real-world criminal justice scenarios. �T�jF����9�Z zm\���Va�����K��5�! Received Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.Successfully planned and executed corporate meetings, lunches and special events for groups of 250 employees. @ p�}��;x9����x�7p�Q��]BXԾtZl\��j The U.S. Navy's enlisted occupational system was a product of more than 200 years of Naval evolution. /Type /XObject Obtain goods or services requested for an organization. Service bomb, missile and rocket releasing and launching devices; Load supplementary munitions; Assemble, tests and maintain air-launched guided missiles; Supervise operation of aviation ordnance shops, armories and stowage facilities. Provided courteous and quality service to the customers. In this rating, sailors will interview personnel, prepare and deliver talks, establish and maintain liaison with local media, and recruit civilian personnel into the Navy. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Highly motivated, effective communicator and problem solver who successfully completed a nine total of years in a professional environments. He or she can be a Naval Judge Advocate General or JAG and serves a Navy Lawyer. The low-stress way to find your next aviation ordnance job opportunity is on SimplyHired. /Type /XObject /EvoPdf_kpgdmdgjagnikfbgagdjbmacpenfgpak 15 0 R /EvoPdf_oimbloeggdhdkipnaigbmlpodgdaefnk 16 0 R >> Works well with team members and groups from diverse backgrounds. Best known for protecting the United States at sea and for seafaring missions, the United States Navy also employs a number of positions on land and in the air. Service aircraft guns and accessories; Stow, assembles and load aviation ammunition including aerial mines, torpedoes, missiles and rockets. Resumes, and other information uploaded or provided by the user, are considered User Content governed by our Terms & Conditions. stream It is the AO that the Navy trusts and counts on to inspect, maintain and repair aircraft mechanical and electrical armament/ordnance … 12 0 obj /Subtype /Form Aircrew performs numerous in-flight duties and operates aircraft systems in turbojet, helicopter, or propeller aircraft. ksXK��;�J�K��:z�¢_ �X�[T��gq[p�'�ӣִ�\Aa�Ï����}*�����k�^Y- V��r��FO�|�ωc�R�3oޙ�!�����kW_5�������l�ƔZ���&뙩���O�Gla��P\� ����q���8TGP=��~��m�C�U��3���j6�٧aG$��������� ��%��l;+�c��z�. Manage office supplies stock and place orders. endobj /XObject << �0E����|AL >> 0$1$*($1$9<&$5((5:,7+1$9��v��d'i�7 �iB ��U�T{e"W�9��_}|h���w%��{�����:Mqvj٨�7�?�&L /Decode [.00 1.00 .00 1.00 .00 1.00] x�M���0��M���������@���������9}�'�"8��A�����j�� ������o�z��h?x�d۹1�nM��&�;o �K�/P���q����N����a�d #����t(O�pf�>�a���F��}�<1�h{eB+��N�)�S��A >> As an Aviation Ordnanceman, you are the fire behind the firepower, in charge of all aircraft ammunition. *�� /PageLayout /OneColumn /Resources << �� � } !1AQa"q2���#B��R��$3br� << endobj '�q��,�j���@�Č���kB-R��9Fy��s�n#�;-b A�gXfd!I��g�h+ *�\�=k�Y��b��F�"� �=�[�����ɶq$m�!$��0��)�wt��ا�;�]N� ����o5�wQFsҊb /Filter /FlateDecode He or she can be assigned in the Aviation field and are called Navy Flight Officers operating high-technology equipments integrated in the aircraft. >> stream Responsibilities. Job Description of a Naval Flight Officer NFOs fly in Navy and Marine Corps aircraft alongside naval aviators. ��煅��`i��C�~��(�{�FN�~N�i4��~1�P�. NOP��/�����^|�8}q�U�մ��-"2�! Inspector of Naval Material - Navy Job Codes 86100-86199 Laboratory Technician (Misc.) x��R�O�0n�m���8h����Q2ԃ43D/����]+�~��N��_��ׯ_���h���Gh���\p8�M��6��;K���F�T�0hub4�[�R�@�:��+4�8H�q �O�팉O�$3L�X6�Db�jb0u��as/����'�M&�]Z�Ϥ��;ӚX[*i��(��Rfe�t&�M��(%UI�-̹"B9GjE��kV�J�u�c4��Q[�-���LU���$F;�$�\4����G�l�nZ��Fp�E��2�9���5&D��N�'���I��y�1�\�. All rights reserved. /ExtGState << /EvoPdf_elhnfeelfhlakmddplamojlabblbeadk 18 0 R /Name /EvoPdf_dckfeeabeflckhhmaoijcpnikcfkeabi /Length 12213 Administrative officers in the Army, RAF and Royal Navy are responsible for managing teams of administrative support staff. /BBox [0.00000 0.00000 592.00000 110.00000] Ensures that no customers are ever left unserved or under served, providing velocity and solutions support to customers. 10 0 obj (1#%(:3=<9387@H\N@DWE78PmQW_bghg>Mqypdx\egc�� C//cB8Bcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc�� � �" �� x�]�� endstream /SMask 20 0 R /Name /EvoPdf_kpgdmdgjagnikfbgagdjbmacpenfgpak << ���� JFIF ` ` �� C >> /Filter /DCTDecode The typical US Navy Aviation Ordnanceman salary is $44,129. 諸� (�� (�� )i(&� 1,648 Old Navy jobs. Here are a few of the jobs in this rating: LN—Legalmen (Paralegals) provide legal assistance to fellow sailors in a variety of areas and prepare records for such proceedings as courts-martial and courts of inquiry. The Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) code for this position is … /Type /XObject /Name /EvoPdf_afdijddcmeebknioahfgjacagfpcaiji endobj See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. >> /Length 166 Aviation Jobs in the Navy. Responsible for the procurement of materials, equipment or services that support a company's business efforts. (�� /BitsPerComponent 8 endstream The AO is responsible for ensuring: zTransactions of individual cardholders meet the legal requirements for authorized purchase card transactions. endstream (����Ԝy���*�C��#{+&�����隖�4�j����E����ň#9� �V+47r���BO;}�ҟ�h�|�S�U[�^I�6��� ������X��2�%�{[XX��H������Tui�W�_��D������7Â�j-�by����$ӎ���}ŭ���|��v���.�m�ؠ�dꮣ���jk}wF{��K{��7�GsI�Y�N�d��b9���{}iR{�B�C>j�c���v��]~���Wv������+��q�] /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageC] >> Performed a multitude of job duties to support the operation of a fast food. Job Categories/Series: Job categories or series are organized according to series number (eg. Formally known as naval aviation, the airborne division of the Navy includes … /Filter /FlateDecode 1 0 obj 11 0 obj /Subtype /Image stream US Navy Naval Officer Job Description A Naval Officer’s job entails different roles in different carrier fields. What They Do: They are Enlisted Sailors who carry out physical work to help Navy Oceanographers and Meteorologists get… Provides friendly, fast, and accurate processing of all types of customer transactions. 7 0 obj There are over 53 … Aviation Ordnanceman salaries at US Navy can range from $22,780 - $90,455. /Font << Each Navy job is given a code known as a Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC). stream With the general skills you get in the military, combined with the GI Bill, you can do anything you want after you get out. >> Unlike aviators, NFOs don't pilot … /XObject << Aviation ordnancemen (AOs) have some of the more high-risk responsibilities in the armed forces. Whether you choose to go Active or Reserve, abroad or stay local, you’ll become part of an everlasting team. The Navy divides jobs into E classifications, or rates, from E1-E9, with E-9 being the highest paid and highest chain of command. Answer queries by employees and clients. Navy Enlisted Ratings (Job Descriptions) Posted: (4 days ago) Without the specialties of the Admin Community, the Navy would not function the way it does today. Old Navy Sales Associate Job Description Old Navy is a brand of Gap Inc. Z`QE QE ��R�(4PEPEPEqހ;��{R�c�+3S�`�@�v;UF'8��N)7a��H�R�ʪ��Y�+R�FV��'�2��t� �f������dQF�$.�3���qD�I��V�&�soa�|�5�a���َ�e�;�t���z�j��攈^ќ��؊��Օs��7��n����3U CKHq�8�`{PFx�2Y1�$U�U�j�� ��`3��Hv/��w�Jq�9�C��,d�oB� �TY�32�0��`���.qS��7m Ϧ)�jKq�+���ct^������A��(�i�Q(�|]��?ʗ�C��VPA�iT�ps�\l�l�o0h�e�:Z����@��3�ޗ�Ac��)��sV��ě� ��@F�^�Yw�I�s�~�Jq��5�#$c���[N� �VՃ T�qWt!�R >> /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB New aviation ordnance careers are added daily on �� � w !1AQaq"2�B���� #3R�br� Learn about salary, employee reviews, interviews, benefits, and work-life balance Partners with other employees, especially, Multi-Channel Sales Associates to ensure customers' end-to-end needs are met. /Filter /FlateDecode >> @�:��Zĵ�d��,�1Pr�/'�qh�Lc�M�DF�W�Zf��k7�A� Aviation Ordnancemen receive, inspect, package, store, handle, and process for shipment: airborne weapons, air launched torpedoes, aerial mines, and ammunition. For enlistment into the Navy you must get a minimum ASVAB score of 35. 15 0 obj Successfully representative friendliness, a positive attitude, and the ability to work within a team. Apply to the latest jobs near you. Associate of Arts : Criminal Justice , 2014. Maintained drive-thru orders and unloaded deliveries. Aviation ordnancemen (AO's) are aircraft armament (weapons) specialists in charge of storing, servicing, inspecting and handling of all types of weapons and ammunition carried on Navy aircraft. endobj They are responsible for the maintenance of guns, bombs, torpedoes, rockets, and missiles. These technicians may also volunteer to fly as Naval Aircrew. /EvoPdf_jplmckjlfpcbkhbmadhahcagbfeieiga 13 0 R (�� I have gathered the importance of being organized, self reliant, and team orientated. /DNBZPB+ArialMT 19 0 R Maintained 100% accountability of a large section of equipment worth over a million dollars during overseas deployments and home-port visits. /EvoPdf_dckfeeabeflckhhmaoijcpnikcfkeabi 12 0 R Your specific job in the Navy is called your rating. If you have a few agencies in mind, refine your search by selecting one or more agencies or offices. The Navy of the United Colonies of the 1775 era offered only a few different jobs above the ordinary level of seaman. /Length 111 /Resources << (�� $4�%�&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? %���� The Military Skills Translator matches a veteran’s military occupation code (MOS, AFSC, and Rating), sub-specialties and other professional military skills to civilian job opportunities. ATTORNEY & LEGAL SUPPORT CAREERS Negotiate international agreements, or help guide service members through important legal decisions. They test, assemble, fuse, load, download, arm, and de-arm all airborne weapons, torpedoes, and mines for aircraft carriage, and they receive, inspect, store, load, and download sonobuoys. << << Every job gets the GI Bill. Like any opportunity, the U.S. Navy is more often than not what you make of it. /Subtype /Form >> A��}]��d�w�V�߈ Hg3�;��rƿ}�qh$DϞn�PJ��:���\0�l7���f��EI�L��dsS�s&�'1�^����Ԍ K��^k�d�Q�،����q[BB�j�Rr��� Complied with any applicable state or labor requirements, as well as company policies. AOs perform authorized maintenance on airborne weapons, aircraft guns, a… In the Navy, they handle and service weapons and ammunition carried on Navy aircraft. - Navy Job Codes 81300-81399 Model Maker - Navy Job Codes 8330-8339 /ViewerPreferences 3 0 R Aviation Ordnancemen operate and handle aviation ordnance equipment. Agency: Under advanced search, be sure to select the Department of the Navy to search all DON open positions. Navy Enlisted Ratings (Job Descriptions) Posted: (1 days ago) NC—Navy Counselor is a position not open to entry-level enlisted personnel since it requires a thorough understanding of the Navy and how it works. AO—Aviation Ordnancemen handle and service weapons and ammunition carried on Navy aircraft. Every NEC has different ASVAB score requirements. Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budgets. As such, it is not owned by us, and it is the user who retains ownership over such content. While serving in the Navy I had the opportunity to work as a cohesive team is imperative when maintaining and managing millions of dollars worth of equipment, machines, and munitions. zAdequate documentation is available to support individual GPC transactions. Organize a filing system for important and confidential company documents. A United States Navy Aviation Ordnanceman (AO) are enlisted sailors that serve as aircraft armament (weapons) specialists charged with the servicing, handling, storing and inspection of all types of weapons and ammunition carried on Navy aircraft. Hating 4-6 years of your life is worse than doing something you found interesting. Primary crew member job duties included interacting with customers, maintained store cleanliness, taking customer orders, and completed transactions on the cash register. zFacts presented in the cardholder's documentation are complete and accurate. /Height 247 /Filter /FlateDecode Communicated efficiently with customers, store management, and other coworkers.Basic computer skills, the ability to stand for extended periods of time, and problem solving skills. But that’s not all; the … Reliable, diligent and flexible professional with superb leadership capabilities. endstream 53 aviation ordnance jobs available. This estimate is based upon 54 US Navy Aviation Ordnanceman salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Please provide a type of job or location to search! Enlisted Jobs in the Navy. >> /Width 254 /Length 393 Worked in a timely manner to prepared, cooked, bagged, and served food. Inspect, maintains and repair aircraft mechanical and electrical armament/ordnance systems. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageC] endobj /EvoPdf_cbihbenfmaeekbfkppbjkbakjjdhfiko 14 0 R An opportunity to interact with practicing professionals and study career-specific skills in criminal justice, An overview of the philosophy and development of the U.S. criminal justice system, its agencies and institutions, and the issues and challenges they face, A strong focus on criminology, criminal investigation, criminal law, domestic and international terrorism, and methods of countering terrorism. /PageMode /UseNone Often, the extensive Navy Reserve training in this area converts directly to college credit. /Length 152 stream <<

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