tamiya egress vs avante

While the Avante series lacks a bit of suspension travel in the front, it is lightyears ahead of the Hotshot. Plus the full cover flat bottom makes sliding over anything bad painless, the glassfibre is mega tough. ... 1 product rating - Tamiya Avante 2001 Radio Controlled Car. Having just finished my avante black build 2 weeks ago and having an egress for almost 2 years now I can say the egress is much better driving wise. It drives super smooth esp on flat dirt. With the monoshocks, the Hot Shot suspension travel is rather limited if you compress both wheels together. From Korea, South. There was a Egress for sale in Norway for around 330 GBP (3400 kr) at the time i bought Top-Force but that was at the very beginning when i picked up this hobby again, so ofc i did not jump straight to the top-line. or Best Offer +$130.00 … – 1/10 scale off-road vehicle – 4 wheel drive (shaft driven) – 2 piece FRP (Fiberglass) double deck “sandwich” type chassis – Fully independent 4 wheel suspension – Fully adjustable aluminum coilover shocks – RX-540VZ Technigold motor (optional in some kits) – Wide pin spike tires with foam inserts – Lexan body and under belly protection Quickview. Followers 2. The Egress first appeared in 1989. "Avante 2011 is really like the 88". It's easy! Will have to take the camcorder out next time I run mine, So it always comes down to the heart vs the mind, The firedragon is too ugly(but maybe the best basher setup), Mmmm after reading all of your replies maybe a re-re hotshot with the HP upgrade maybe be the wisest choice...(vinatge and good handling). The Avante/Egress have limited suspension travel and are more suited to run on smoother groomed track surfaces. Add some putty to the Avante gear differentials to add some resistance so they don't diff out. Here's another random thought - The Avante in good condition is quite a valuable car to a collector. The Avante is heavy, it's true but this is less of an issue now with lipo etc. Compare to the Avante, the chassis decks were made of carbon fiber plastic instead of FRP and has the wheelbase that is 15 mm longer. Switching to tripple ball diffs certainly slowed the steering down and removed the loose wild feel of the car, but it also puts much more power down and holds speed better in a turn. Also known as Tamiya Op-86 (6029) $19.95 Inc Tax. Tamiya didn’t provide a chassis shot, so this pic of an […] That was also my general impression of those kits, but it was just that so i needed to hear what you had to say on this forum. A great example of another - 58583: Egress 2013. In this video we do GPS Speed runs on the Tamiya Avante RC Buggy on the Tarmac! TAMIYA EGRESS RE-RELEASE The Egress is back! A few laps at my local track with the Avante 2011. Yonkuro as Yonma Yoshimoto's machine and later as a machine for Fujiyama of Team Heavy Metal. $67.15. But with the locked center diff it was like a wild panther around the track like a savage beast that chewed my friend backyard lawn. Just make sure the shock-tower mounts are in good shape... Rocky terrain won't suit either of these cars. I would pick an egress overall,  but the looks of an avante with the metal suspension is great to look at. Saved by OKC LIST PRO. Black edition Avantes are also still in stock in some places. rocky terrain? We will have some very exciting classic Tamiya stuff coming soon as well as the normal Tamiya Racing articles. I have the rear ball diff set with zero shims (loosest setting) and the front with two shims (one on each side). Tamiya’s follow-up to the Avante featured improved durability with reduced complexity and a lower price. The Avante/Egress have limited suspension travel and are more suited to run on smoother groomed track surfaces. df01 all the way, tons of ground clearance. longer wheelbase for better stability at speed, The Egress is the Avante  with some problems fixed, My take is build an Egress, fit an Avante 2001 shell and wing and fit the Avante centre ball diff, performance and style, If you want to run it then Egress (lighter, faster, more nimble, better steering, better handling, cheaper to repair), If you want it to sit on a shelf looking pretty then Avante. The Egress on the other hand is discontinued, so finding one at a sane price will be... challenging. You'll need the quad shock HP suspension upgrade and preferably the underguard from the Super Shot or the underside will get battered on rocky terrain. Probably the only conclusion? Get a Top Force re-re (if you can find one) and Hop-Up from there (see: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31350). Although I love the look of the avante and in my rose coloured glasses it can't do any wrong I've got to concede the egress is a better buggy to use (by quite a margin) and it hurts me saying that! If you installed the locked center diff, it would not drive like that. But I guess I'm biased so my opinion doesn't count. This will cause oversteer. In this video David Joos Takes his lovingly restored 1979 Sand scorcher, 1981 Toyota Hilux and the Avante 2001 and pitted them all against each other in a series of tests. I only driven my avante in the street and it i also smooth but not as much as the egress. Watch; Tamiya - RC Avante 2011 Black … Where can i see the lates updates regarding Tamiya re-releases?. Now i have the chance to get my hands on a pretty mint Avante,will it have the same driving characteristics as the egress? I built my friends avante back in 1988 and helped him troubleshooted, other then that as i said before, i owned an Egress for a long time. -The rear dogbones would frequently fall. So i decided to wait for re-release of Egress now. I like how the Avante handles, it's short wheel base makes it nimble, the Egress steering Is a drop in. I only driven my avante in the street and it i also smooth but not as much as the egress. The Avante spares to look out for are the front Gearbox halves and the front & rear uprights. It's easy! Carbon Steel Shaft For Tamiya Avante.. Add to Cart. With longer wheelbase & narrower front tyres, it handles sweet. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Tamiya Egress Avante 2001 Vajra Alloy Parts EGRESS 2013 Chassis Set Black pargu1. Looks like Tamico have got the Avante in stock and ready to ship , https://tamico.de/Tamiya-58489-Avante-2011-Kit. It was the prototype and the base of the Saber machines the Seiba brothers own. It features a highly sophisticated design including an FRP double-deck chassis layout, longitudinal motor & battery positions, and a … Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Tamiya Egress Radio Controlled Car at the best online prices at eBay! At the current situation it look like most of the Kits (with a bit of demand) is out of Stock. I have a mint one and I would not dare use it as a runner car. One thing I did notice with these cars is that Tamiya's part support sucks. but someone (can't remember who?) It would be really interesting to convert the center diff into a sort of dual slipper similar to the DB01 hopup. But taken the replies i must probably sit and wait for a new release, if it comes (i believe it will), I believe an Avante 2001 or Egress could be re-released in next year or two. The front suspension as stock is terrible, but this was sorted by putting original RC10 dampers on, for more droop and upswing. This is a re-release of the iconic Egress 4WD off-road racing buggy. Was: Previous Price $79.00. Showing 1 to … And on rough rocky terrain, the suspension will take a battering. It's great to see these classic Tamiya cars kicking up the dirt. Color: Black. You may find the 'spares' are leftover other parts from sprues purchased to replace these parts. I get the feeling that the hotshot is built more like a tank with lots of suspension travel. I was about to convert it to a proper Egress but decided on building a new Egress 2013 with parts from ebay, tamico, pargu, etc. Good luck! $1,700.00. Team associated b64 takes on the avante with shocking results. The original Egress featured stacks of special racing parts. Own the Avante, Egress, Avante 2001,an ordinary Mid, Turbo Mid and a LWB Mid. By The Hornet, September 6, 2009 in Vintage Tamiya Discussion. Hot Shot tends to bottom out very easily in monoshock mode, especially at the front. Personally, its just to pretty to get banged up and 2. parts are rare and extremely expensive. It's the proper version of the Avante and Vanquish. Under $260.00 - apply Price filter. They will bottom out and 'slap' the chassis when landing jumps. Nearly all chassis parameters are adjustable. The weak points that i noticed with my Egress. Powered by Invision Community, http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31350. As usual, Tamiya’s re-release looks dead-on, although a few unspecified tweaks have been made to acommodate modern power systems and batteries. The re-re hotshot is also high on my list but because of budget constraints i can only buy one car. for real off-roading when compared to the avante,is it a false impression? About the Avante: The machine features a unique shaft-driven 4WD system which was taken from Tamiya’s first 4WD R/C buggy, the Hotshot. It was a follow up kit to the Avante, which had a huge fan following. It is one of the variants of the Avante Jr.. Not enough vids of the avante tearing it up. posted their newly acquired avante on this forum a few days ago! Tamiyaclub the Vintage Tamiya and radio control Collectors website. I wish they rereleased it in 1/10 or 1/16. The Hotshot is mediocre by comparison. As for a re-release egress I don't think its going to happen anytime soon because of the current climate/situation look at the avante it originally was this month but now its March 2021 so any egress "new batch" as tamiya refers to them now if they do decide to (and I really hope they do) release it again will be next summer at best? $67.15. I improved the handling by putting differential putty in the front and rear diffs, and installed the Rere center differential that doesn't loosen up like the vintage, and I put in the 2 hole piston and heavier shock oil in the front shocks. $1,300.00. Also known as Tamiya … Now that is example of fine arts! Anybody ever done a comparison between the two? It can beat an Egress as has been demonstrated on muratti's track and it can have HUGE ground clearance if desired using the highest of the std settings. Hornet, how familiar are you with the avante? Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Toggle navigation Menu Home. You might be able to fund two or three cars with the amount you get for it. Free shipping for many products! Buggy Racing Rc Buggy Tamiya Models Mini 4wd Rc Cars And Trucks Rc … Tamiya Avante & Egress RC Buggy’s stunning Video.... - YouTube It turned out to be an Avante 2001 with Egress parts. Tamiya 1/10 4WD Front Star-Dish Wheels (2) (White) View Write Review. 6 thoughts on “ Extremely impressive RC Mini 4WD 1/32 scale Tamiya Avante, Egress and Vanquish ” John C July 8, 2020 at 5:29 pm. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Tamiya Egress Avante 2001 Vajra Alloy Parts EGRESS 2013 Chassis Set Black pargu1. Shop RC cars, trucks and other remote control products at Tower Hobbies. It's also very susceptible to wear, since it has a lot of complex linkages. Opens image gallery. Thank you very much for the detailed reply 94eg! The Tamiya Avante is a historically significant 1/10 scale four-wheel-drive electric offroad competition buggy released in 1988 as Tamiya's 72nd radio control kit under catalog number 58072. 19. By Reason for saying is that even RC Mart and Timetunnel only has a few Tamiya kits in stock and for the most kits wich i presume has low demand like King Yellow - Monster beetle & Dyna head. I think i will start Looking for an Egress ... That was also my general impression of those kits, but it was just that so i needed to hear what you had to say. When looking at hem Egress seems more like a "badass" while Avante is more a fancy looker, but i belive the performance out of the box is much alike?. $26.00 shipping. -The front hub carrier were quite fragile.

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